Namic Mirror

There’s everything to see

Designed for sport bikes, Namic mirror is homologated and projected by taking inspiration from airplanes’ flap aerodynamics. Its body is built to facilitate the air flow, while the junction allows the best possible regulation.

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30Gradi Grips

A brand new angle

Available in 4 colors, 30Gradi grips ensure unprecedent ergonomics thanks to the inner triangular section and its 30° torsion. The use of high-quality rubber does the rest, for a reliable and durable grip.

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Adjustable Plus

Made to impress

Adjustable Plus levers are designed to give you a comfort out of the ordinary: thanks to the additional regulation options it is possible to extend the lever and choose your favorite riding style.

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Reverse Radial Mirror

Believe your eyes

Built to be mounted also on the handlebar, Reverse Radial mirror is homologated and it has a 3D machining and it is made of billet aluminum. The minimal design and with no visible screws helps giving it a unique design, totally Rizoma.

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Icon Grips

Take control

It’s not just the high-quality rubber that makes Icon a reliable and safe grip: the refined aluminum design in fact is unique in feel and enhances, with its light vibrations, the 4 colors available.

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Light Unit

Everything is illuminated

The new innovative homologated indicator lights with tiny dimensions never seen before. From the handlebar to the license plate support, they can be mounted in different positions to enhance a minimalistic style.